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How's The Weather

How's the weather where you are? I'm telling ya, It's just crazy here. Mother nature can't seem to decide if its Winter or Spring. Well, I have already put away the coats so I declare Spring.
One day it will be in the 80's and then the next day it will be in the 40s.

This past weekend we were expected to have a storm. Now, let me just tell you how I get when we are expecting a storm.
First off, I love thunderstorms. We do not have any trees around our house so I do not fear a good storm. But when I hear we are going to have a thunderstorm, I start scurrying around my house cleaning. I have not figured out why I do this. But I get this anxiety were I have to get my house tidy before the storm hits. If we are out somewhere and the sky turns dark, this will bother me to the end. I just don't know what makes me do this but it has to be done.
[You can guess the look I'm getting from Nick. He probably wished we had more storms.]

Sunday as me and Nick sat watching TV, our phone alerts went off. We just looked at each other , Like, "Is that your phone or mine? Well it was both of our phones. So we stopped watching TV and looked to see what was the matter.

It was a tornado warning.

It warned us to take shelter but this only made us run to the windows with curiosity and watch as the storm blew through. We had some strong winds and hard rain, but no tornado. I have not seen a tornado in my area since about 1975ish. However, some parts of the city reported tornado like damages and hail. We didn't even get one hail ball. Our trash can blew over and my gnome made a dive into the bushes. Other than that, we are all fine.

We had a freeze warning for this morning and it's currently 68 degrees.
Maybe we will get some steady temperatures soon.

Up Town Brunch

My daughter invited us to come have brunch with her in her living town. I told her we would. After all, I have never had “brunch”.
Well, neither has Mr.D. 

Let me start by saying my husband is a creature of habit so taking him away from his 8:00 bowl of oatmeal in the mornings can ruin his whole morning. 
“Brunch?” He says with a gruntle look on his face. “What the heck is brunch? You have breakfast then you have lunch.” Why can’t we meet her for lunch instead?, grrr those city folks!”

I explained to him that brunch is the “thing” around town and she wants us to do one with her so I said we would. “I told her we would be there at 10:30am and by the time we walk to a place and order, it will be around 11:30 and then you can just call it what you want”. 

It takes us about 30 minutes to get there (and somebody was not in a hurry). We got there around 10:45. We walked about two blocks to a little place called Leroy Fox . It had outdoor seating and the weather was perfect for sitting outside. We found a place and took a seat. The waitress brought out regular lunch menus and brunch menus. 

We started off with some fried zucchini spears which was their specialty.  

My daughter and I ordered from the brunch menu. She got a pimiento cheese egg and chicken biscuit smothered in gravy and I got the Bacon and Egg Sammie loaded with cheese and Avocado with sweet potato tots on the side.

Then there was Mr. D. He ordered from the lunch menu and ordered the black bean burger wrap with a side of fried Brussel sprouts. (I think this was my payback for making him eat brunch). 

Everything was so delicious. 

After we ate we took a longer walk through town to walk the food off. There were festivals going on, and lots of people out walking their dogs and riding bikes. It was just a beautiful day. On the way back to her place, she suggested we all try a “Acia bowl”. So we went into this place called Clean Juice and got a smoothie in a bowl. We ordered the “beach bowl” made with lots of healthy stuff and topped with fruit, granola and coconut. 

We left in time for her to meet up with her friends and headed home. Our eating schedule was a little off the rest of the day but it was worth it. 
I love time I get to spend with my daughter. I still have issues with her being away from home on her own but It gets easier every day. She’s lived on her own since she graduated college which has been about 4 years now and I still miss her in the house. But she has a great job in uptown and loves the city life. 

She works in the tall building on the right. What a life!