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Happy Birthday Sundrop

Sundrop is a soft drink made right here in my hometown of North Carolina. If your bottle is stamped "GS", that means it was produce here in Gastonia. I think somewhere in Texas makes Sundrop too but we consider the ones made here as "top shelf". 

Not everyone gets the refeshing taste of this citrus carbonation. However, I hear other states are finally getting it shipped in. It's sort of a big deal here. As far as taste? I would compare Sundrop to Mountain Dew as I would Coke to Pepsi. 

Thursady night me and Nick headed up town as the town celebrated the 100th Birthday of Sundrop. There was a band, Car show with prizes and food trucks. 

Sundrops were being sold for 25cent and they were giving aways small (teaser) Sundrop cupcakes. 

A popular ice cream business in town was selling Sundrop Ice Cream. 

Sundrop started here in 1917.

The bottling company is now called Choice USA and employees 250 employees in four locations. They also bottle Cheerwine, Snapple, and A&W Rootbeer. 

We had a good time walking around, seeing old friends and listening to the popular soul group "Chairman Of The Board". 

Nick enjoyed eyeing the old cars and chatting about the good ole days with new and old friends. They talked about motors, racing and even camping. 
The oldest cars I ever owned was a 76 Honda Civic and a 77 MG-B. I bought new after that. 
I think that MG did me in. 

Though we are not big on being in big crowds, It was nice to get out for a change of scenery. 

Happy Birthday Sundrop!