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Halloween Craft Ideas

I’ve made several crafts for Halloween through the years. 
Today im short on words so I’m just sharing some links to my favorite creations.

Most of these were made free with things laying around the house or less than 5.00.


Cheese Cloth Ghost. Fun and easy. This is my most favorite.

Book Pumpkin Just grab an old book

DIY Mummies With just a couple whatnots

Painted Pumpkins fun with My daughter

Cheese Pumpkins delicious and easy

Lace Pumpkin Panty hose here yall

Bundt Pan Wreath Grandmas pan.

Fish Net For A Mermaid

My daughter and her friends start thinking about what they want to dress up as for Halloween as early as March. Yea, I don’t really get it but obviously it’s a big deal. Needless to say, every year they never really come up with anything until the first of October. 

I never bought my daughter Halloween costumes when she was growing up. I always managed to create a great costume from craft or thrift store finds. She’s been everything from a bowl of spaghetti to Cat in the Hat. When she got older, she bought a couple on her own dime but that was short lived.

Shes always wanted to be a mermaid. We were just never able to create one that she thought was flattering. This year is no different. “Mom, I still want to be a mermaid”. Shes 26 by the way. 

She found some ideas online that seemed easy to accomplish (less material too). Lord help. 
Anyway, she asked if I would look for her a fishing net at the beach. She wants to use it as a wrap around her skirt. I gave it a thumbs up because more coverage, the better. 

Though I looked around the beach when I was there for a fish net, I didn't find one light enough for her to use. I told her “Ill just crochet you a net and if you dont like it, you can go to Hobby Lobby craft store and buy one”. 
She agreed to give me a chance. 

So for the past few days, little by little, I whipped up a fish net wrap. Then I had to kill the acrylic to give it more form and softness. 
(killing acrylic is simply applying a moist towel over your flattened out crochet and iron over the towel. The heat and steam kills the scratchy thick acrylic and gives the crochet a flat and silky feel and the project keeps its shape)

I like how it turned out. The best part was picking up shells from the beach last week to finish it off.

Weather she chooses to use it or not, I asked if she will give it up to me after Halloween so I can maybe use it at my beach spot. That’s if it last through the halloween parties! 

Though we never go out on Halloween, I like to dress up for the fun of it and visit neighbors. 
I did attend a halloween wedding last year and dressed like Wednesday from the Adams Family. 
You can see me as Wednesday here
This year I might be Pee Wee Herman. 
Do you dress up? If so, what do you plan to dress up like?