Friday, December 2, 2016

Cheese Ball

You can't have a party without a cheese ball can ya? I love any kind of cheese!  Bring on the crackers!

I love to make these cheese balls. Its a recipe I inherited from my late Mother in law. For my husbands sake, I try to keep the memories of some of her recipes going. I know they will never turn out as good as she did them, but I try. I've yet to attempt making her chex mix snacks. We do not need all that salt.

This cheese ball is easy to make but hard on the wallet. This recipe makes one large cheese ball, but by doubling it, you can make three slightly smaller cheese balls. So I guess its not all that bad as long as you can find pecans on sale. 


Here is how you do it:
2- 8oz block cream cheese
3 1/2 cups- shredded sharp cheese
dab- Worcestershire sauce
1 small jar of dried beef ( finely chopped)
1 pack of Ranch dressing mix

Mix all together until smooth textured, form into a ball and roll in nuts to coat.

Refrigerate till ready to use or can be frozen and taken out the morning or night before you need it. 


They make great gifts for friends or neighbors. Just wrap in wax paper or in a pastry bag like I did and put a bow on it! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Out and About

Me and Nick took a little ride. Nothing special, just wanted to get out a little bit since we been busy with all the Thanksgiving festivities.

We are almost done with Christmas shopping. This will be a first for us. We usually are shopping right up to Christmas Eve. But of course, I'm sure even this year, though we are ahead of the game, there will be that one thing we forgot to pick up and will be fighting the procrastinators on Christmas eve after all. Its all fun though.

While we were riding through the neighborhood we spotted a couple teenage girls selling cupcakes from a road side cupcake stand. Sign read "Cup Cake Sale". It was not for a charity, or for a church or fundraiser. I assume these girls were just trying to make some extra money for Christmas, so Nick whipped the car around. I rolled down the window, "Ill take a chocolate and a vanilla" as I handed them a couple dollars.

"You really going to eat those?" asked Nick. We both have this phobia of eating things from people we don't know. "Na, probably not" I said. I snapped a photo while we giggled about it. However, a few minutes later when he got out to pump me some push water into my car, I ATE THEM! They were really good. I handed Nick the trash papers as he just shook his head.

Of course later we ended up at Walmart to get some groceries. I came across this cute tea towel I just had to have.


 I'm a sucker for tea towels. Nick has been very careful not to mess it up as it sits near the coffee maker. I said " I don't mind you getting coffee or tea stains on it". It gives them character. So now it's serves as a spoon rest for the coffee spoons each morning.

I have a busy week ahead including another family dinner this weekend. It's sort of a family reunion mom and her brothers and sisters host each December.

Looks like I'll be doing some more baking.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Sweet Popcorn

My daughter was home all weekend. When this happens I end up making some kind of sweet stuff.
Keeping the calories low, I made some white chocolate popcorn. I experimented the other day and it was win so I had to share it with her.

I popped up a mini bag of (100 calories) popcorn. Then I melted one block of white chocolate in the microwave and poured it onto the popcorn. With a spoon, I tossed and folded the popcorn until it was covered in the chocolate. It will not be completely covered but each piece will have a taste of chocolate on in. I laid it all out on some wax paper so it would cool faster. You don't have to do this step but I was in a hurry. I added some sprinkles to the top and ...

Wah Lah we had home made gourmet popcorn.


It was just sweet enough. I was afraid it would turn soggy, but once the chocolate cooled, the popcorn was still crunchy and fresh for....well, at least as long as it lasted.

Now if I can find the solution to make dill pickle or salt and vinegar flavored popcorn, I will not go spend 5.99 a bag for it in the gourmet shop again.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The weekend After

Finally, I have a quiet moment to sit and write a little post. Its another beautiful day with an early morning temperature of 47 degrees. We have still not gotten any rain since October 10th.

Im recuperating from all the Thanksgiving offerings. We had two meals! One with my side of the family, and one with Nicks side. Except for one Brother and a niece,  Everyone was present around the tables this year. Its seems every year its gets harder for everyone to be there due to work or sicknesses. But this year was a good one. Oh, and I think I found the 50 lbs I lost last year.

My daughter is spending the whole weekend here with us. I love it. We do our traditional things. Last night we talked St. Nick into pulling the Christmas stuff out of the attic. We put away all the fall decor and now its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We are a little ahead this year as we have finished most of our Christmas shopping. I have to wait on payday to do any more. I have to make sure I save enough to buy groceries next week.


So now our stockings are hung with care, the tree is up, wreaths are on the doors and the candles are in the windows. I made these white stockings last year using an old sweater from the thrift store.


 My theme colors this are mostly silver and red. Im using my vintage aluminum tree again this year. Yes we have a rotating color light that makes the tree change colors at night. 

I still have a few things to work on then we can relax and enjoy the season. I can hardly wait to begin my baking.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

I do not have a post for today, yet. Im hoping after the day has ended, ill have time set down and share my day with you.
( My post are in real time. I rarely have one scheduled )

I just want to take a moment while I have a cup of coffee to wish everyone a

I have two cranberry salads made and ready. I have my stuffing (or dressing) ready to mix. My house smells like celery and onions right now but it smells so good. (Excuse me while I walk outside a moment for air).

I will be heading to my home town of Belmont for dinner #1 at moms with my side of the family. Later, we will leave from there and head to my inlaws for dinner #2 with Nicks side of the family.
Sometime between the two dinners we will stop by the house to check on the turkey breast that will be cooking for dinner #2 and cook the dressing (or stuffing).

Its going to be a busy busy day.

By the way, Is it stuffing or dressing? I assume its dressing since I dont put it inside the turkey.
Am I correct?

God bless you all and all be Thankful.