Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Malapropism- When you use an incorrect word in the place of the correct word that sounds the same.

I was commenting on my friend Jacks blog the other day when he found a bank name that struck him as funny on one of his travels. Though he didn't commit malapropism, the comment I made however did and it gave me the idea for today's post . "Don't worry Jack, sammich was used correctly". 

Unless you are some English speaking professional super hero, you have probably embarrassed yourself by using the wrong word at one time or another. 

Here are my own personal experiences of Malapropism:

I'm at work and tell the boss, "I pacifically told everyone to make sure to add their time at the end if the day". I say this all the time. I guess because the beach is on my mind. "Pacific" has to do with the ocean. The correct word I should use is "specifically". 

At a family picnic (not long ago either). I yell, "That bug has long testicles". Husband whispers in my ear, "its not testicles, its "tentacles". Dooouhh!

For years, I would refer to the bank down the road as Fertilty Bank. My Husband, bless his heart, had to correct me again " Its called "Fidelity Bank". Duuh.

and here's one I'll never forget and may have even mentioned this one before but.....
I while back I was having a conversation with a man about allergies. Serious as everything, I said. "Oh I can not live with out my Viagra......Silence filled the room. Hand hits forehead, "I meant, I cant live without my Allegra"! bahahah. Okay, so this is not really the same sounding words but I'm going with it. 

I always get confused with the two words "affect and effect".
Affect is a verb and effect is a noun.

Need I go on? There Is never a dull moment with me. It's just honest innocence.

OK smarties, your turn, Just go ahead and put it out there. What are some embarrassing use of words that you or someone you know has used wrongly? You will not be judged, This is just for fun. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Crochet Halter

Looking around the mall the other day, I seen lots of different style halters, but what struck me was that most of them were crochet. My mind started spinning. "Could I pull this off?" I didnt really give it much more thought after that. Until...

My daughter asked if I can crochet her a halter for the beach. "Oh I dont think so. Ill try, but hmmm, I really doubt it".

I began searching online for a crochet halter pattern. I found a simple one to try. I went out to buy some yarn. My daughter wanted one made with cotton yarn but I bought some cheap acrylic to practice with. As simple as it looked (basically just a triangle) I just couldnt do it without her here to measure as I went along. I text her and told her "sorry but I just cant make one" Ill have to stick with baby hats and coffee cozys.

Then a thought struck. I seen a photo online that gave me an idea. "A Granny Square Halter". It was cute but had no pattern. How hard can this be? First I had to learn how to make a granny square and I did find instructions for that. Made five, sewed them together and added fringe.

Wah lah!.....    

I did it!

Its not perfect but its not too bad being my first attempt if I should say so myself.
Im quite proud of this piece.
Im going to let my daughter have it as a trial. Maybe she will like it, maybe not. If she likes it, then I may go out and buy some cotton yarn and whip up another one for her. If she doesnt like it, then I only wasted a few dollars but gained some confidence.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Recipe Complainer-An Open Letter

It's another rainy day as I grab my coffee and pancakes and head to the table to eat breakfast. This is pretty much my everyday routine except the pancake part. It's usually a lighter choice but its Sunday and I don't want my belly growling in church. Good excuse for pancakes huh?

As I was reading and catching up on the hated FaceBook, I came across a post by a lady in her 7teens. She was ranting about how she didnt want to see anyone sharing any of the recipes you see alot of now on facebook. She states how they really are not good like her old fashion cooking that shes been doing since she was a child. She goes on about how they should only be posted if you actually try them. I get what shes saying but it sort of struck a nerve.

Dear recipe complainer:
     While I agree with you on how much better the old fashion cooking is, I also know how times have changed. The world moves alot faster now days. Unfortunatly, a lot of women work and no longer have time to prepare a home cooked meal, much less a dessert. There are more kids going to college now and less are relying on Mom for a home cooked meal. Again, looking for a quick way out.
These recipes are aimed at these people. Most people are looking for a quick, inexpensive fix for a meal. If they can use can biscuits to make cinnimon rolls, or pizza crust, they will do it. 
They are also looking for "more healthy" alternatives such as replacing fat milk with yogurt. 
Everyone is trying to stay healthy, eat lighter and stay more active. Sadly, this often requires short cuts. 
People are also trying to avoid a lot of cooking in greasy fats and meal. This is most likley due to the expense of doctor visits and insurance now days. No one can afford to be unhealthy. 
I know nothing beats grandmaws, made from scratch chocolate cake, but If I can get half the flavor in a black bean brownie, I'll go for it. 
For the record, I would never turn down a home cooked meal like moms or how I wish I could have one more bite of grandmaws strawberry cake.
Now, If you don't want to see the recipes on your facebook news feeds, then there is a setting for that. Meanwhile, be sure to post a photo of you famous cake because Im sure your recipe is a secret.


Friday, May 20, 2016

Coffee Can Recycle

First let me just say, I am not a hoarder. I hate junk or any mixed matched dishes and such laying around my house.

However, I did start saving these coffee cans for the soul purpose of trying this craft I found online. So here goes.


I have a slew of these cans. Not really "cans", but plastic coffee containers. I only needed about four. Ok ok ! I hoarded them! They are hidden in closets and coolers everwhere!!! Ill get rid of them this weekend and only keep these four. Arent they cute?


See what I did there?

Folgers have holiday templates you can print to decorate your coffee can and use them to fill with cookies and give to friends. Cool huh?

Well, I went a step further and used a template to trace out my own using a patterned paper of my choice. See the little vintage bikes? Then I glued them into place and coated them with Modpodge (basically just glue).

My plan now is to organize my pantry and use these to hold my flour, sugar and cornmeal. I'm not sure how air tight they really are but it beats the clothes pins I use on them now. I mean, It keeps the coffee fresh and in case your wondering if I drink this much coffee...


Between three of us, we go through one of these size containers a month. We make and waste a lot too. 

Curious on other ways to decorate these cans, containers, or whatever you call them? Here's a few of my favorites.

Bag holder- mompinspiration ( I actually do this too)

Labeled Canisters-kelliskitchen 

Bird house-instructables 

and in case you just got to poop in the woods....

The ever so clever Toilet Paper container- fieldandstream

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Toy for me

haven't been really busy in the blogging world the past few days because I have been tinkering with a new toy im fixing to tell you about, but first I'd like to thank you all for the birthday wishes that poured in. I had a great birthday. My daughter spent the weekend with us as we took a small beach trip. For my birthday, she gave me an Alex and Ani bracelet to add to my collection and a really cool beach shirt to wear over my bathing suit. Im excited beyond words for these precious meaningful gifts.

Now let me tell you about my new toy. I have been blogging and surfing the web from a little 3g netbook. It worked just fine but It was slow sometimes, so I wanted something more "up to date". I have been in a pickle trying to decide if I wanted a new lap top, a 2in1 tablet, a galaxy or an ipad. I finally decided on an ipad since I already have an iphone. I figured I'd be more familar with how it works.

Once my mind was made up, I started saving. In two months, I had saved a hundred dollars. Ha! At that rate, I'd be lucky to have enough saved by Fall. I give thanks to my health insurance cost for that, which breaks me each month. 
Well guess what, My sweet husband got me an iPad pro for my birthday. Im so thankful but also feel quilty that he did this. I feel so spoiled. He will be getting kisses for a long time. Ha.

So, basically this is a practice post. Im using the blogger app. Im hoping it all lines up right. Sure beats blogging from my iphone which I do sometimes. On this iPad, the on-screen keyboard is large and the screen is pleasant on my eyes.

I still have to play around with it a bit more to make sure I have all the settings and apps I want.
This will be my new "go to" for blogging and photos in the future. 

Im ending it here as I have no idea what else to say as my mind is frizzled.