Saturday, June 25, 2016

Crochet Season

Its that time again. I'll be whipping up some new items to add to my shop. Fall is around the corner and I want to be ready for the early birds. 

I crochet mostly baby items because they are small and less time consuming. That works well with my full time work schedule. I will occasionally have a customer ask me to make an item that will take me a few days to complete. I'd rather stick to the small stuff. Besides, they are so darn cute.

I plan to create a new type of baby slipper to add to my collection. I'm pretty excited to see how well it will sale. I've been practicing on how to make them and I think I have it figured out. 

The items in my shop are 50% off right now until the end of June (promo code: HALFOFF). After that, I'll do some more shop cleaning and possibly donate some of the unsold items to the battered women's shelter. 

I plan to rearrange and update some photos of items along with adding some new stuff by the 3rd week of July. I just have to find the time. 

Meanwhile, as I was searching around at crochet on the internet, I learned that there are some crayzyeeee crocheters out there. Now, the silliest thing I ever crocheted was this little cowboy hat for my nephews guinea pig. Cute huh? I did this without a pattern and I cant remember how I did it. 

I have crocheted a lot of doggy hats and pet leg warmers ,but I am not a crochet fanatic like some of these people. I mean, where do they even come up with this stuff?

Like I said "crazyeeee"(or genius?)


Rat Princess??

Squirrel wearing a sweater. How did they get it on there?

 How about a shell cozy? I would do this.

 snail no!


Friday, June 24, 2016

Pardon My Typos

I'll admit, I'm terrible at spelling. If it were not for spell check, They would probably send me back to the 2nd grade.

I know I do it. I get so frustrated when I misspell a word or type something wrong in a comment or a post. I'm not dumb, I just get in a hurry and my eyesight is not as good as it was ten years ago.
Often I'm typing on the go and prematurely hit send. Sometimes I will even read it over and over before I click it. Then I put my glasses on and dooohhhhh!

If you see a miss spelling in my blog post, just check back in a few hours for I have found it and changed it. Every time I reread my post, I find a mistake. It just burns me up. So yes, I spend about fifteen minutes typing a story and about thirty minutes correcting it.
But then again, that's a pretty good par for somewhat of a dyslexic.

So pardon me on miss spellings or wrong wording when I comment. I do not want the word "deleted" beside my icon. I am aware of my mistake and probably beating my head on the desk or iPad at the same time. 

When I become a professional blogger, I'll hire a proof reader. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June Wedding

We were invited to another wedding this past weekend. One of my best friends daughter tied the knot. Me and the brides mom met in Zumba class years ago and became instant friends. Our daughters were both in the same year at college and were sorority sisters. I love Anne because she is so helpful to me, shes fun to be around and we have the same family values.

The wedding was held at Bakers Buffalo Creek Winery in North Carolina. It was a nice 45 minute drive to get there. 

The temperature was hot but the constant breeze made it comfortable for everyone.

Speaking of breeze (funny story)..... 

I did good keeping a handle on my dress as the wind blew all day. I could have been like Marilyn Monroe on the vent grait in a second. I did good keeping the modesty. But then I looked Down. I saw a cork on the ground. Me being a cork collector, I reached down to pick it up. Thats when I lost it. When I stood back up, my pocket book strap had caught the tail of my already short dress and pulled it clear over my backside flashing my undies. I was making more of a scene trying to fix it so I backed up to my husband and asked him to please fix my dress so I could stop mooning every one, There is no telling of what kind of show I was putting on while I was bent over. I hope no one was paying me any attention...

Ok story over.

It was a beautiful wedding that included a buffet style dinner and a wine bar. There was lots of dancing and the bride was beautiful. I didn't get any photos of the bride but wish I would have. I just thought it would be rude to take photos during the wedding. Ill just say, she was a beautiful red head Cinderella.

Her bridesmaids wore navy dresses that set fancy with the outdoor atmosphere.

We enjoyed ourselves and saw a lot of familiar faces. Of course I had to purchase a bottle of house blend wine and grabbed a cupcake to go. It was a lovely afternoon.

Update: I later received a photo from Anne. Here is a photo of the princess bride.

Monday, June 20, 2016


Happy Summer yall! Its my favorite time of the year. I love the hot days full of sunshine and afternoon storms. We now have temperatures soaring in the 90's.

Something else I love about this time of year is the bloom of daylilies. They are scientifically called "Hemerocallis"- Greek word meaning: Hemera (day) - klos (beautiful).

Say hello to my Beauties.

I think my daylilies are unique. They are "Kwanso Flore Plenos". You can just call them Kwansos. Flore Pleno means they are triple ruffled or extra petals. 
These flowers are a Native of Eastern Asia, China and Korea. They were in my yard when I moved here several years ago. However, I have transplanted them in different areas.

They show their bright, sunny orange colors during the day and close up at night. I was afraid they would not come up this year as their leaf beds look awful. I trimmed them back in the spring and shouldn't have. It caused the leaves to die and turn brown. Either that or the frost. I was just gonna take the blame.

I think that's it of my flower blooms for the year. Now I will focus on my little veggie plants I have growing out back. I hope to introduce them to you soon.

We saw a whole field of yellow daylilies adorning the highway as we were out riding this weekend.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Daddy Did You?

Today is Fathers Day.

Im sitting here thinking about my dad. How great a dad he is and how glad im his. Shamefully I also think about some of the ways I acted out and treated him in my rebellious years. I'd undo a lot of things I said and did in my teenage years. I thank him for his patience. He loves us all unconditionally and I never doubted he did.

Me and my sister were going through old photos and she came across this one. 
Here is a picture of my dad in his 20's. Wow, he was so young. Isnt he good looking? 

was not even a twinkle in his eye. 

He was young and handsome (still is handsome, but old). He has so much life ahead of him here.
I wonder if hes happy how it all turned out? Would He do it all over again? 

As I look at this photo (which I hope he dont mind me sharing), I cant help but think what he thought his future would hold. Did he know or even wish to be a father some day?

I stared at the photo for a long time while wondering what was on his mind in those days.

Did You ever think 
you'd have four children?
Two boys two girls 
two with straight hair 
two with curls?

Did you ever wonder
Of those four children?
Any idea at all
two would be lefties
two would be tall?

Did you imagine 
Where they would work
Or what they would become?
They will all have homes
and a good income

Did it cross your mind
The emotions they would cause?
Without even trying
make you laugh
or leave you crying

God knew before you
that you would be a Dad.
Im thankful for this plan
You gave us guidance
and we took your hand.


Soon we will be heading off to church to honor the fathers and praise the main Father up above. 
Later the whole family will meet up for dinner at a little place near Belmont with daddy and the rest of the dads in the family and celebrate! The father job is hard and the good ones need to be praised.

Happy Fathers day!