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Nutrisystem Cookies n Cream Mug Cake

Have you noticed I like to play and experiment with foods? Most of the time its Nutrisystem foods. I've been on Nutrisystem now for two years and three months. I lost all my weight within eight months on the program but I continue eating the foods to maintain my weight. I also eat a lot of my own foods too. I've learned how to eat healthy throughout the program. I'm still so pleased with the results I got with Nutrisystem, I simply can't let it go. 


I admit, the Nutrisystem cookie sandwiches are not my favorite ( neither are Oreos) but I ordered some again anyway. This time I didn't dip them in milk....I mixed them in milk and with a couple other teaspoons of this and that, I made a cookies n cream mug cake. It was a fun new way to enjoy a dessert that normally I would not like. 


It was easy to make and only took about 5 minutes from start to finish. Add another 10 minutes trying to take a perfect photo. Ha!
If your not on Nutrisystem, use Oreos or something. Im sure it will be just as good.
I chose to keep it healthy. It turned out a little dry but good. 


 Nutrisystem Cookies n Cream Mug cake

4 Tablespoons- All purpose Flour
1/4 teaspoon- baking Powder
1/4 cup- mini chocolate chips (this is your sugar)
4 tablespoons- milk (I used 2%)
1/2 tablespoon - vegestable oil
2 cookies 

In a mug or remkin, melt chocolate chips and milk together in microwave. 
Add remaining ingredients. 
Mix until smooth.
Fold in crushed cookies.
Microwave for 1 minute.

Im not sure what the Nutrisystem count is for this recipe, but I think its a dessert and one smart carb. 

Stuck in the 70's

Ah the 70's. I was one year old in 1970. I'm still living in it. Yep, I live in a 70''s style ranch house. The era of tall dark cabinets and Formica counter tops. The years of the pink and yellow bathrooms with 2 inch tiles covering the walls, ceramic tubs and don't forget that paneling.

When we moved in, we installed hardwood floors throughout, took out the book selves in the den, tore out most of the paneling throughout, carpeted the bedrooms, installed new kitchen appliances, fixtures  and painted the walls. 

But its still that mid modern 70's! 
Its the kitchen!!!

We do not want to spend any money remodeling. We simply do not have it. We make do with what we have.

I plan to lighten it up soon with new curtains and brighter accent rugs. If the cabinets get a face lift, that will be up to the husband. I cant do it myself and will not even attempt it without his support. We never do large purchases or changes without the others approval. We stay in the same boat.

Then I sit back and look around. I begin to think. This was at one time, some woman's dream kitchen.

It was the "better homes" style at the time. 
I picture a mother with bouffant hair in an apron hosting a kids birthday party. 
I picture a dad with sideburns coming in from work while a roast is waiting in the oven. 
I picture Tupperware parties 
and macrame plant hangers.

I sometimes think I'd like to keep hold of the 70's style, I mean since I can't have the french country look I adore, I'll just revamp the 70's style! Brighten it up but keep the look. Maybe add some retro fixtures and decor, and just go with it. Let it be the look I'm going for in case anyone ask......
Wait, husband just shook his head "no". 
Ok I do have a plan B. 

For the record: No my bathroom is not pink. But we do have a yellow one with a golden throne!