A Visit To The ENT

So I finally broke down and went to the ENT to have me ears checked.
Since summer, they have a buzzing and ringing in them. They feel like they are stopped up all the time and occasionally I get dizzy.

After a bad episode this past weekend with a dizzy spell, I decided it was time to see the doctor. I have been to the regular doctor about this once and he just said it was allergies and to take a decongestant. That never really worked but it did help with other allergy issues.

So I go into the ENT and the first thing they did was check my eardrums then puts me in a hearing booth to check my hearing. My hearing is fine except a loss of high pitch sounds in my left ear. That's ok with me. I hate high pitched sounds.

So then I'm taken to an exam room and I wait.......

So I snapped some pictures. I mean, I am a blogger!

I always do a deep examination of the instruments laid out to use.

Then I look around the room at the cleanliness. I tell ya what, they don't want to leave me alone too long, I will find something I don't like about the place. This one, It was ok. I only saw dust on the back of the chair. Considering its also an allergy clinic, I think the dust needs removed. And why is there a needle disposal container?? And why is full of used syringes?

20 minutes later the doctor finally walks in.
He looks in my ears. They look good.
He checks my nose. It looks good.
He checks my throat and as I open wide he says "You have TMJ. You will eventually start hurting from that ya know".
Well, Ive been told that every time I see the doctor but I do not have pain yet and I'm 47 years old.
Lets get back to the ears.

So here is my diagnosis.......

Nothing. Yep nothing. He said that he is sure I have an inner ear issue but he can't see it without further testing.....He said testing, I heard this →→ $$$$$.
He has scheduled me to come back and do a VNG/ABR test. It's a test that will take approximately two hours to do and they will trigger the dizziness and figure out whats causing it. I think.

"So, I get no ear drops or medicine or nothing????" I asked.
The doctor replies "No sorry. We will $$$ have to $$ do further, Testing". That test is scheduled for Feb 21st. Thats almost a month! Im just gonna play it by ear (no pun intended).

So $50.00 and two hours missed of work later, I still have ringing in my ears and no answers.
I guess I'll wait. I'm tempted to cancel the whole thing. I feel like its just a way to get my money and after that test, they will want to do another test.

Couldn't he at least cleaned them out for me? Wax build up could be the only problem.

I'm sure the ear doctor has seen enough of my issues to know whats really going on in there.
Dontcha think?


  1. I read the other day that there could be a connection between TMJ and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Research it. Sometimes, we have to take matters into our hands, unfortunately. But who knows our bodies better than ourselves, right?

    1. Ill search that. Thanks. Ya know the word Tinnitus never was mentioned ?

  2. i guess you just have to be patient. (pun intended)

  3. Ok, TT/Patient and your play it by ear. Dat's enough!
    It really does frustrate me that Doctors are FORCED by a rigid ($$$ req) schedule that they honestly have less than 3 minutes to diagnose and treat a patient's illness. Their only way out is CTA by the:'Recommend more Tests and more Experts', that brings more $$$'s in. I have a friend who forgoes the insurance and has found a GP who runs a pay as you go practice (sorta like in years past). But as we all know nothing is guaranteed. Our medical system is set up like Henry Ford's assembly line, and really it is not fair.Clinics and doctors are paid a salary high enough they could take time to truly diagnose. Now that said, i know nothing of medicine and avoid Dr & meds like the plague.

    I do hope you get rid of the dizzies! Dey B Frustrating!

    1. Ive learned to deal with the ringing, but that dizzy spell scared me.
      It sad the way they have to go around things now. I wish it were the olden days when sweet oil and a nap fixed it.

  4. Jilda has had similar issues that were because of her inner ear. Hers were cause by the treatments she took for an immune system issue.
    She saw a specialist and gave her some meds that have been remarkable.
    It's probably a long shot that you have a similar issue but I would seek out a doc that specializes in balance issues.

    1. I think that test is a balance test too. I may just deal with it and skip the appointment.

  5. Usually why I never got the doctor unless I'm sure I can't fix it. And if he can't fix it, then I'm screwed

    1. Yep. Im thinking of skipping the test and just deal with it myself somehow. I really thought id walk out of there with a diagnosis and some drops or something.

  6. Sounds like plain old tinnitus to me. How is your circulation? My hubby has had it for years, too. Poor circulation (like sitting too long in one spot) can cause it as can EAR WAX...lol....and sometimes age (but you are too young for that really) and also TMJ itself can cause it. I know quite a bit about it because we searched for years for 'help' for John. His hearing is gone by a 'freak tumor' on the inner ear on one side so his other ear is super-sensitive and the tinnitus drives him crazy. Also, caffeine has a huge effect on the ringing for him. xo Diana

    1. I think so too. My circulation is fine. I love coffee but that day I had severe vertigo, It made me sick to think of coffee. Our bodies tell us a lot.

  7. Replies
    1. Yea, ive decided to cancel all that testing and try some home remedies and keep a journal of when I have dizzy spells to see if there is something triggering it. I think walking all day in the wind saturday caused it Sunday.

  8. They do this don't they ? I mean doctors almost never let you go in one visit. What ever happened to "t Hope that the ringing taking care of the current problem first? So sorry. Hope that you feel better.

    1. I know right? Like take two asprins and call me in the morning.

  9. I've had ringing in the ears most of my grown life..I'm used to it now..hoping things clear up for you...


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