Quilt of Memories

This is actually A post I had posted a couple years ago and wanted to share it again. Enjoy.

I grew up in a home with one Sister and two Brothers. My Mother was a seamstress and made most of our clothes instead of buying them. Many times she would drag us out to a local cloth store and spend hours looking through pattern books for something new to make us to wear. She still has those patterns too. She always wanted to teach me to sew too but I didn't have the patience unless it was something crafty.
Mom would keep a large barrel full of the scraps from the clothes she made. So, one day this bright idea came across my mind to make a quilt.
So, I gathered up a bag of scraps and cut them into 4x4 squares, found me a needle and thread and started sewing each square together one by one then row by row. I sewed enough together until it would fit a full size bed. This took several weeks.  
With some batting and a flat full size sheet for the backing, it was put together. Corner to corner of each square and around each square was quilted. It took me about 6 month to finish this quilt and did it all by hand and with only one needle!
It may not be the prettiest quilt you've ever seen but I'm proud of it. I can just about remember the outfit that was made with each color.
My Mom still sews every day at her own alteration business. The basic stitch or two I did manage to learn from her was enough to make a memory.


  1. what a wonderful way to make a memory! just beautiful!!!

  2. You are just the smartest thing ever!! My Mom made me a quilt like that years ago and it was made from scraps of fabric her grandmother. Corey slept with that quilt for years and I can't tell you how many times I had to send it back to Mom to be restitched cause we used it so much. I think a quilt like that is priceless.

  3. O, what a fabulous job you did, little girl. All by hand is sooo impressive. And block square quilts are one of my favorites...using your mom's scraps and remembering clothes made with some of them is absolutely priceless. I wish I'd done the same.
    Such a treasure ! xoxo


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