Chicken Get Away

This picture makes me laugh. One of my facebook friends "Jackie" had posted it a while back. I saved it.

She took this photo of an empty chicken truck speeding down the highway. I found it hilarious as to why or how these guys got left behind in this position. 

Were they coming or going?
Are they giving new meaning to "takeout chicken?" 

What would be your caption to this photo?


  1. 'Just waiting for the next stop'.
    Boy that is a good catch. Now I will be watching every chicken truck on the road. Thanks for reposting.

  2. Fresh eggs arrive at your door.
    Great capture. : )

  3. "Are you smarter than this chicken?"

  4. How the chicken crossed the road

  5. Poor things could get thrown off into the middle of the road. Then we'd be asking how they got there.

  6. 'Are we there, yet?'

    HaHa! Too funny!


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