Transfer Drawings to Towels

Transfer your childs drawings!
Fathers Day is just around the corner and have I got the cutest little idea. You can do this in about an hour. You will have as much fun doing this as your child did in the first place.

I give all the credit to my daughter who is now in her 20's. She used to make cards for her dad all the time with sweet little notes and pictures in them. These pictures are from about 20 years ago. Oh my am I getting old or what??

I took the cards, made copies of her drawings and put the originals back in their place. Then I bought some thin cotton tea towels from Target. I placed the picture under the towel and with a fine sharpie I traced it onto the towel. Remember to get thin cloths so the pictures will show thru so you can trace them.
I laugh when I read these because it looks like she wrote the pet name we called her (boo) and every name he's been called around the house. If she were to make these today, she wouldn't have written sweetie or honey. It would be more like butthead or something. hahaha. They are always picking on each other like that.

Well, there you have it. The sharpie ink does not wash out and you now have a cute little keepsakes the will last forever!

This would be a great project to do for Mothers Day, Birthdays and weddings too.  Have fun making yours!

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  1. What a great idea, thanks. I have a collection, some from the sons but mostly from the grand kids, who are now grown. YOu have me thinking of some neat BD presents.
    Good read as always..
    Sherry will like this one, she reads the blog but never comments. She has been reading it longer than I.


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